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As we enter assessment 4, there are two sections that need to be completed.  In part one, you will need to address four questions on how you relate diversity in your organization and how it reflects the change in the organization and patient care.  For the fourth question, make sure you do your research on one of the companies and as always make sure your work is cited and appropriately referenced.

Part 2 of the assessment asks that you create a short video.  Please try and keep it within the 3-5-minute window.  This will be a compressed presentation when you address each topic question. Be creative and be personable in your presentation and try not to sound like your reading or monotone in your presentation. Remember that uploading videos into BB takes a long time based on duration.

Below are some thoughts for this week’s units.

1.  Think about who your audience is that you and make your presentation relatable to them.

2. Use personal experiences that are relatable to the assignment, as you have in earlier assessments.

3. Make sure you include a discussion section relating how your organization can use these strategy points in your righting when concluding your part 1 paper.

4. Reflections should include diversity within your organization and if it affects patient care in a positive or negative way make sure you support your viewpoints.

5. Make sure your video includes references and citations for photos and content.

6. Be creative in your presentation

Competency 4 Assesment Part 1

Part 1:

For this Competency Assessment, review the following document:

Aperian Global. (2015). Leaders in diversity and inclusion: 5 lessons from top global companies. Retrieved from

Think about how the lessons impact the healthcare organization. Write an analysis of the article by addressing the following:

· How do the lessons, in the article, relate to diversity in your organization?

· How do lessons, in the article, reflect change in supporting diversity in your organization?

· How could the lessons, in the article, affect change in the way the patients receive care?

· Select one of the top five (5) companies discussed in the article. Do additional research on that company and see what strategies the company uses to support their diverse employees (i.e., bonus incentives, hiring process, diversity statement, etc.). Provide a summary of what you have learned and relate this to how your organization can utilize some of the strategies.

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