Get Smart Know When Antibiotics Work

can help me to finish this assignment with good quality and be on time please?

there is a sample of the presentation. 

My group will take care of the sections on the introduction, background information on the campaign, individual and group level and the rest I have to do.

Week Three Assignment – Group Presentation, the topic Get Smart Know When Antibiotics Work.

Each group will use the CDC Gateway to Health Communication & Social Marketing Practice hub for this assignment. Please visit  the campaign website ( to identify a unique campaign (e.g. no groups will present on the same program or campaign) and then develop a group presentation that categorizes the health promotion methods used/directed/created for individual, group, organizational, community, and societal audience levels. A group blog platform will be provided within BB to work on the presentation collaboratively.

Students will be randomly assigned to groups of three at the start of the course. Students will work together in their groups to collaborate and create a PowerPoint presentation with a voiceover narrative. Instructions for recording voiceover narrative are located in BB Week 3 within the assignment instructions.

·  Group Presentation Assignment Description – Word Document (78.8 KB)

·  Group Presentation Rubric – Word Document (78.4 KB)

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·  Sample Group Presentation – PowerPoint File (2.57 MB)  This topic (National Influenza Vaccination Week) is not available for students to select.

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·  Review of  National Influenza Week CDC Campaign (sample) and Associated Method s document – Word Document (17.8 KB)

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·  How to Record a Voiceover to PPT – Word Document (74 KB)

The group presentation is 50 points. Presentations will be submitted to two locations by Sunday of the third week 1/27, 11:59 pm PST for full credit:

1) To the review of group presentations discussion board located in week 4

2)To the group presentation assignment link

Click on the “Week Three Assignment – Group Presentation” link above to submit your assignment, as well as to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric.

Video Review of the Group Presentation Assignment:

Watch Media

Campaign Presentation Review Video   One (09:28)

Watch Media

Campaign Presentation Review Video   2 (09:39)


  • GroupMemberSelfandPeerAssessmentAssignmentDescription1.docx
  • NationalInfluenzaWeeksamplepresentation.pptx
  • Campaignhelpforstudents_Chapters_NIIW.docx
  • GroupPresentationDescriptionV2.docx
  • GroupPresentationRubricV2.docx
  • Presentation.pptx
  • Chapter4.ppt
  • Chapter5.ppt
  • Chapter9DevelopingandSelectingPrintMaterials.ppt
  • Chapter10WorkingwiththeMedia.ppt
  • Chapter11FacilitatingGroups.ppt
  • Chapter12BuildingSustainingCoalitions.ppt
  • Chapter13UsingAdvocacytoAffectPolicy.ppt
  • Chapter14Using
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