find a current event article online that you feel has quot intercultural quot elements and answer the questions from class

– Here is the guide line, so you should find a trusted source not just some random article without author or something. It could be about any other countries or events, etc. As long as it happened currently and relate to intercultural.
– For intercultural elements: There are 6 imperatives: Peace imperative; Economic imperative; technological imperative; Demographic imperative; Self-awareness imperative; Ethical imperative. You don’t have to find an article that have all of these elements, as long as it relates to at least one of the elements is good.

Homework: Intercultural Current Events

Please take the time to find a current event article online that you feel has “intercultural” elements. It would be helpful to review Chapter 1, and see what intercultural communication is about (Peace, Economics, etc.).

Answer the following questions:

1. What makes this article an “intercultural” news piece? Citing pieces of chapter 1, your own knowledge, and assumptions is all OK–as long as you explain yourself and include evidence from the article.

2. How could this situation be looked at from multiple perspectives? In other words, what possible perceptions/lenses could this be viewed from?

3. Research the source you found this article from. Is there a possible bias from this source? Think about information the source included/did not include. Be sure to justify your answer with what you learned about the source.

4. What Imperative from Chapter 1 does this relate to? Why? There can be more than 1.

– Since I have to discuss about this in class so if you can please summarize the main idea about the article you’ll choose for me after you’re done with all the questions. I will be really thankful and appreciate 🙂

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