final project 132


This assignment will be based on the following scenario about the Lucky Shoe Company:


In 1985, Lucky Clover Shoe Company was started by John Kingsley as a small custom shoe store in Nowhere, SD. Innovation and determination evolved the single employee shoe store into a regional brand.

For years, Lucky Clover Shoe Company has thrived without an online presence. Based on a recent market analysis by Marketing Manager Reginald Jones, the company must have a website that promotes their brand as well as, if not better than, their printed marketing materials in order to stay competitive. Their staff tends to have a flair for being humorous in small ways, such as nicknames in e-mail signatures, but they want a professional looking website to promote their brand. Skip Williams, IT Manager, has determined that it is more cost-effective to hire a company than assume the creation and maintenance costs. They want to leverage your expertise and have contracted your company to present a complete web site solution. You must provide a fully documented solution that outlines your proposed services, design process, estimates, and Weebly.

For the Final Project, you will write a web site solution document that provides an opinionated approach and incorporates customer branding. You will also create a 5 page prototype web site in Weebly that demonstrates what a hosted site will look like. There are sections of the document where you can reuse previous text, but most sections will require you to write content specific to this customer; sections with reusable text will have a note in Web Site Solution Document Components.

This project will leverage skills and knowledge acquired throughout the course and create a comprehensive web site solution document. This is also a good exercise in dealing with customers that outsource to experts and if you ever perform independent contracting.

Customer Profile

Stakeholders / Management Team

President/CEO: John “High Top” Kingsley

Marketing Manager: Reginald “Cross Trainer” Jones

IT Manager: Skip “Loafer” Williams


Colors: Green (#C9F8A9) and White (#FEFEFE)


Quality footwear that makes you feel lucky

Customer Goals:

Increase brand awareness

Increase sales

Capability to offer e-commerce in the future

Writing Guidelines:

Prepare a web site development proposal that will be 10-20 pages in length (not including a title page)

Use a “12” point font (Arial or Times New Roman)

Use single-spaced lines instead of double-spaced

Use APA style citations for any references

Cite any information referenced from another source

Use correct sentence structure and grammar

Web Site Solution Document Components

Title page contains a heading of “Web Site Solution” at the top of the page.

Title page lists who the document is prepared for (Lucky Clover Shoe Company) and who prepared it (your name and NAU e-mail address).

First section called “Introduction”. Thank the customer for their interest in your expertise in designing their web site. Discuss how you plan to meet the customer’s goals with a professionally designed web site.

Second section called “Process”. Discuss the benefits of user experience design for a quality product. Discuss how personas and prototypes provide value when researching customer requirements and building the “right” product. Discuss how responsive design can provide a consistent user experience across desktops and mobile devices.

Third section called “User Research”. Create three new personas or reuse the three personas from the LP4 Assignment. Discuss how these personas represent the customer’s target audience.

Fourth section called “Branding”. Select a color scheme from Adobe Color Selector ( Copy and paste the color palette swatches and the RGB codes for the proposed scheme from Adobe Color Selector in a screenshot. Discuss your reasons for selecting the color scheme, such as emotions or perception. Identify a primary color and two other colors as accent colors.

Explain that Open Sans font will be the default font for the web page. Select a serif font for headings that is available in the list of fonts in the Weebly Theme editor. Discuss how a sans-serif font is better for body text and a serif font is better for headings.

Fifth section called “Prototypes”. Create a mockup of a comments form, using, where site visitors can contact the customer. The form requires a person’s name textbox, e-mail address textbox, and comment textarea. Create desktop, tablet, and mobile views of the comments form. For each view, paste a screenshot of the Moqups page and discuss the responsive elements of that page. Identify any content that is hidden for each view and explain how that impacts the user experience.

Sixth section called “Information Architecture”. Include the site organization for Home, About, Contact, Promotions, and Blog pages. For each of the pages, discuss the purpose and type of content that you propose adding. Briefly discuss the 5 stages of the content lifecycle phases. Discuss how your company will manage all content for the customer and how it will add value. Discuss the benefits of blog articles for the customer. Discuss the benefits of search engine optimization for the customer.

Seventh section called “Hosting”. Discuss the benefits of using a hosted site builder. List popular features in Weebly that will make this implementation a success. Explain that you have created a demo site to demonstrate the value of Weebly. Paste the URL of the Weebly site created for this assignment in this section.

Eighth section called “Estimates”. List fictitious prices for the various services proposed for content management and web site design. List prices for Weebly hosting based on their real hosting plans.

Ninth section called “References”. List at least 5 web sites that your fictitious company designed. You may list your favorite web sites for simplicity.

Weebly Site Components

Create a new web site in Weebly. You cannot reuse your web site from previous Learning Plans. The additional site is still free as long as you use a Weebly subdomain.

Site must use the theme called Birdseye.

Site Title must be “Lucky Clover Shoe Company”.

Site Title must use serif font chosen in Web Site Solution Document.

Headline text must use serif font chosen in Web Site Solution Document.

Headline text must use primary color from the Web Site Solution Document.

Headline text must display uppercase.

Paragraph text must use Open Sans font.

Blog Post Titles must use an accent color from the Web Site Solution Document for hover color.

Site must contain 5 menu links for Home, About, Contact, Promotions, and Blog. Delete any other pages within the site.

Home page must contain a heading of “Welcome”.

Home page must contain a brief welcome message that you write. You cannot use lorem ipsum text.

About page must contain the company history paragraph from above.

About page must display an unordered list of the Lucky Clover Shoe Company management team.

Contact page must contain a contact form with a map to the right.

Promotions page must contain a heading of “Promotions”.

Promotions page must contain a paragraph of lorem ipsum text.

Promotions page must contain a blockquote that displays the customer’s motto from above.

Blog page must contain a list of blog posts for the site.

Site must contain a blog post with the title “Lucky Clover” and a paragraph explaining what tools and skills that you found most valuable during the course.

Submit this assignment to the dropbox “LP08.2 Assignment: Final Project.” You can navigate to this dropbox by clicking the “next” arrow at the top right of your screen. This assignment is worth 300 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.

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