explain how/why this renewal occurs.

Whale Rider


In the movie Whale Rider, a small Maori village faces a crisis when the heir to the leadership of the tribe dies at birth and is survived only by his twin sister, Pai.Although disregarded by her grandfather and shunned by the village people, twelve-year-old Pai remains certain of her calling and trains herself in the ways and customs of her people.With remarkable grace, Pai finds the strength to challenge her family and embraces a thousand years of tradition in order to fulfill her destiny.

The ancient culture of the Maori people is dying, but finds renewal through the story told in the movie. Use each of the concepts below to explain how/why this renewal occurs.

  • Baumrind’s Parenting/leadership Styles
  • Hoffman’s methods for communicating values, and especially the dual role of explanation in the process of induction/internalization
  • The ideas of Fromm and of Damon regarding “rational” or “legitmate” authority
  • Bakhtin quote: “The word becomes shallow, grows sickly, loses semantic depth and flexibility, and loses its capacity to expand and renew meanings in new and living contexts. The signifying word lives beyond itself and dies when discourse is lost.”
  • Shapiro – “Borrowed” authority versus personal authority
  • Damon Chapter 7 — what can be done to support the development of the moral self?

Papers can be submitted on Canvas

Papers should be approximately 4 pages in length, using 11 point font and 2 spacing.

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