Ethics and Standards in Interpersonal Psychotherapy

Whether in a hospital or private practice setting, Clinical Psychologists must establish behaviors and actions acceptable for their professional practice. As such, the American Psychological Association Ethics Code outlines the responsibilities of psychologists to protect those receiving services as well as protecting the Psychologist providing the service (EFPA, n.d.). As you consider your clinical professional practice, think about any ethical concerns you might have, as well as any concerns that might also need to be thought about, when working with diverse populations. What cultural aspects might you want to consider?

For this Discussion, you will examine ethical considerations when working with diverse populations.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Consider the following ethical principles for a therapist in practice:
    • Professional practice
    • Areas of competency
    • Potential harm
    • Potential risk

By Day3

Post an explanation of any potential ethical concerns you might have when using the Interpersonal Psychotherapy approach. Specifically address its effectiveness or potential for harm when working with diverse populations, as well as potential concerns regarding issues of competency, transference and counter-transference, and potential concerns for change. Use your Learning Resources to support your response. Use proper APA format and citation

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