ethics and race sociology

“”Reflection papers will reflect knowledge of critical understanding of course material including theories, concepts, and themes. Each reflection paper should be equivalent to one page (times new roman, 12 font, double spaced). The paper should reflect something from that particularly week’s readings or other course material. A summary and critical analysis as well as relating to larger and broader sociological themes will ensure full credit.“” directly from professor

Basically need 5 different “reflections” that are one page . I will give suggested topics and you can just write opinions or thoughts and ideas and elaborate on it . If you dont know what to say let me know and i can give you an article on it to give u ideas Just nothing too wordy . It is a race and ethics sociology course so that should be taken into consideration when writing.

For this first you will be writing about :

What does Race & Ethnicity mean to you? How do you believe your race and ethnic identity have shaped your experiences in society?

2nd ; you can write about slavery and race, and different ideologies that are associated with it. Or different ideologies associated with being black ; stereotypes

3rd- you can talk about the civil rights movements and how african americans still face inequality , and perhaps how there are some organizations trying to help fix that .

4th – Black power and what that means. You can also talk about the black rights movement and how it has affected society today or your views on it . This article we read in class discussed what black power meant you can use some of these to elaborate on your veiws.

sense of community (understanding heritage and history )


embracing heritage

proper representation

You can also speak on a comment the author Stokely Carmichael of Black Power says The american dream wasnt intended for blacks

5th – I need this one by 9 Please and thank you . For this one you can talk about either micro aggressions that blacks face on a day to day such as micro-assault, micro-invalidation, micro-insult, or talk about black face . You can discuss why you think if a white man experiences discriminiation

You can also alk about colorblindness and if you think it exist . and the meaning ( you dont see color, and possibly the problem with that … race has no impact)

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