environmental response 4

Read the following paragraph, write 300 words response, and answer the question he put in the last sentence.

This week I select Ecocentric Ethics by Aldo Leopold.Firstly, when I began to read the article by Leopold, I found something humane and Leopold is quite creative at advocating “we must begin to realize our symbiotic relationship to Earth so that we value “the land” or biotic community for its own sake. We must come to see ourselves, not as conquerors of the land but rather, as plain members and citizens of the biotic community” (Leopold, pp.162). Leopold reminds us that we need to know clearly about our symbiotic relationship between us and the land. And he also puts forwards the “land ethic” as “it does affirm their right to continued existence, and, at least in spots, their continued existence in a natural state” (Leopold, pp.164). He does not deny the fact that people are taking advantage of the land at one go, but he does assure us that we need to critically see the land. That means we human beings are not conquerors of the land as we may used to think but just members or citizens of the land as well. Later, he talks about the ecological conscience and points out “conservation is a state of harmony between men and land” (Leopold, pp.165). However, people today have no real ecological conscience from their bottom of heart. All they do takes the economic advantage into consideration. And the he argues that “a system of conservation based solely on economic self-interest is hopelessly lopsided. It tends ignore, and thus eventually to eliminate, many elements in the land community that lack commercial value, but that are essential to its healthy functioning” (Leopold, pp.168). If so, commercial interest has become the sole indispensable part of the land and the mere standard for us to think about the land, what do you think Leopold’s idea? Do you think he puts everyone an utilitarian?

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