elements of critical thinking 4

Think about a situation in which you communicated your ideas about an issue with someone who had a different point of view. It can be a work situation in which you were trying to solve a problem or a conversation with a friend where you were discussing a personal or public issue. Using your understanding of the components of critical thinking, discuss the elements of thought that you successfully used to communicate your ideas about the issue.

Reflect on the purpose of the discussion:

  • Why you were having the conversation.
  • The outcomes you both sought.
  • The points of view presented, both yours and the other person’s.
  • The reasons behind the points of view.
  • The information presented.
  • The questions one or both of you asked to gain a better understanding of the issue.
  • Assumptions made on either part.

Next, discuss the elements of thought that you could have used to better communicate your ideas. In considering the elements that you have used and the ones you could use in the future, you gain a better understanding of critical thinking components you will need to focus on.

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