Effects of Technology in Education


Information about the social problem (who, what where, why, how)

Challenges to combating the problem (expected or known; e.g., costs, problems with adoption by general public)

Benefits to solving the social problem (who benefits and how)


3-4 pages in length

Double-spaced, 12-point font

Must be produced in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx format) – no other format will be accepted

At least four (4) sources must be used; sources must be appropriately cited in text and in a reference section

– Acceptable sources include peer-reviewed journal articles, trade journals, newspaper articles, websites with named author(s) or from specific organizations or agencies

– Unacceptable sources include websites with no named author and no sourcing of information; personal opinion websites

– If you are not sure about a source, contact the professor

Citations and reference lists must conform to either APA or ASA standards. Refer to the ASA or APA style manuals required for this course

Your paper must not have more than one quotation per page. Quotations must be cited correctly, including page numbers

Must be submitted on Canvas via the assignment link

No cover page is required. Your name and title should be listed at the top of each page in a header. Do no manually type this at the top of each page – use the formatting feature in Microsoft Word:

– Click the Insert tab

– Click Header

– Select the first option

– Type in your name and topic focus

– Click Close Header

Use formatting in Microsoft Word for double-spacing – do not manually double-space your paper

Paragraph, narrative format; no lists; 3rd person speech (e.g., no I, me, or we)

Proofread carefully: grammar, spelling, mechanics, and citations, will be part of your grade.

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