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Question: Is climate change a threat that requires urgent action?

I have a bold opinion about the climate change issue, and I think that this needs to be addressed. The climate change was progressively moving with the economic development on the nations that have a great amount of industries and cars on the highways. In economics, pollution is termed as any loss of human well-being arising from physical environmental changes in water, air and land. Many human needs are supplying with natural resources air, water, soil, minerals, coal, petroleum, animals and plants. But these human needs had to be managed on a responsible way to avoid the mismanagement of resources.

The world has renewable and non-renewable resources but some of them could be exhausted, the non-renewable are susceptible to be degraded in quantity and quality by human activities. Some economists are analyzing the interdependence between physical environment and economic activities in their models. Some economic activities may be the cause of the environmental degradation.Hardin, Ehrlich and Daly have applied the concept to environmental impacts of human activities. Social carrying capacity is determined by the influence of human consumption patterns, technological changes and its impact on the environment. It stresses on the fact that nature s bounds can be transgressed by rapidly growing population and accelerated use of natural resources. It has been defined as ecological sound development which is a process of positive management of the environment for human benefit. Eco-development and sustainable development are interchangeable.

The most common interpretation of economic sustainability is maintaining a non-declining level of economic welfare now and into the future. This economic welfare is derived from the income generated by the capital stocks which include manufactured capital, human capital and natural capital. Environmental goods are public goods. They include air quality, water quality and sun heat etc. Environmental goods are unique in nature. Excess use of these may lead to environmental degradation. For example, due to global climate change, the snow on the peaks of the Himalayas starts losing its density and thickness.


Models are fundamental tools for studying the potential impacts of climate change, including changes in temperature, precipitation, and sea level. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center defines a climate model as a “mathematical model for quantitatively describing, simulating, and analyzing the interactions between the atmosphere and underlying surface (e.g., ocean, land, and ice).” A Global Climate Model (GCM) combines a series of models of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, and land surface. GCMs divide the earth into many layers and thousands of three dimensional gridded spaces. These models are skilled at replicating past and current climate. For example, GCMs accurately reproduce observed temporal warming trends, sea ice dynamics, and extreme weather events.

The climate models project possible future climate shifts under the conditions of the specific scenarios. These models are run multiple times using various scenarios of future conditions, such as population levels and anticipated emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) or other greenhouse gases. Each GCM is distinct and has a different sensitivity to greenhouse gas emissions. This range, taken as a whole, is important to researchers for providing a sense of the uncertainty surrounding possible future events given a particular scenario and period. To capture this range and make use of the complement of projections, ensembles of multiple global climate model simulations are often used.

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