Deviant Behavior

This Reflect and Research Essay Discussion is focused on evaluating alcohol and the most common forms of substance abuse in our society today. The Essay allows you to take a deeper look at recent media, research and the impact of substance abuse on the individual, community and family.

Instructions: Choose one of the following two options

A. What is the number one drug problem facing the US today? What is its impact on society, the user, and their family? What are some reasons that individuals become involved with substance abuse? What negative impact does the new Marijuana law in Colorado have in the state for law enforcement, teenagers, schools and employers? Has there been a global or All U.S. impact from this?

B What is the media’s role in the consumption of alcohol and what age group seems most targeted by the media? Can you give at least one example or catch phrase used? Who does you add of choice target? What is concerning about college environments and the consumption of alcohol? What effects might alcoholism have on the family/home environment? How might a family cope with alcohol addiction?

  1. Research and provide at least 2 educational references to support your ideas.
  2. Write and essay with at least 5-6 paragraphs, 5-6 sentences each paragraph on your topic of choice below.
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