Critical Thinking

CASIIR, This assignment could be on week 8 or 9 so I went with the easier writing version (1 chapter versus 2 chapters) Need a critical Summary on: Introduction to Systems Theory. Chapter I: Sociology and Systems Theory. Niklas Luhmann.

The critical summary is a 2-page (double spaced) maximum 3-page assignment. You will spend approximately 1 to 1.5 pages giving a succinct summary of the main point or argument of the reading. For the second 1 to 1.5 pages (approximately) you with offer your own critical engagement with the text. This may take many forms.

For example: criticize as aspect of the authors argument; bringing in new

lines of support for the authors position; raising and addressing important but

unaddressed questions arising from the article; applying ideas or concepts from

the text in a different context; considering how some ideas in the text may complement

or conflict with ideas in other relevant texts related to the subject domain. Self Note: Week 9 assignment

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