Country Project

Country  :  Kosovo 

Country Project Information and Grading Criteria

1. A country has been assigned to you. Familiarize yourself with the culture, people and health system of your country through different publicly available resources including journals, books, published reports, foundation/project websites, technical reports, conference proceedings and datasets. All sources should be properly cited and referenced in APA style when used.

2. Read the Grading Criteria on the next page. Make sure you follow each point and address each of the issues raised. Put headings/sub-headings in your paper to help you ensure you hit all points.

3. Use credible, published sources of information for your research. These may include:

· Country Government websites

· International Agencies’ websites (e.g. World Health Organization, etc.)

· Published reports (e.g. Health Systems in Transitions Reports, etc.)

· Journal articles

· Course textbook

· Other books

· Personal interviews (if possible) with natives of your project country

A minimum of six (6) different sources of information and data is required. All resources should be appropriately cited and referenced using the APA format. 

Every paragraph that you write must have at least one citation from the source(s) of information you used. If you use more than one source for that paragraph each source must be cited. 

  • The following website      commonly referred to as Purdue OWL is a very useful guide for using APA      format. Go to:


Points Possible

Format/Layout (20 points)

Title page: Include   title of your project, your name, course, and a colored image of your   country’s flag. Be creative! This page is not included in the page count.

Abstract: One   page (one paragraph 200-250 words) of a concise statement of the summary of   the project. This page is not included in the page count.

Appropriate   use of figures to present your information: You may include a maximum of three graphs/charts/pictures only (not   including the flag on the cover page). Clearly indicate the source(s) of your   figures.

Times   New Roman, font size 12, font color black, double spaced. Follows   requirements of length excluding cover page and reference page(s): Not less than 8 pages but not more than 12   pages. Please include page numbers.

Main Text/Content/Information ()

1. Introduce the   Country: Geographic location, Population, Environment, Economic factors, etc.

2. Discuss Health   Indicators: Birth rate, life expectancy, mortality rate

3. Describe the   healthcare system of the country: How is healthcare delivered?

4. How it is   financed? Include an overview of access, cost and quality of care under this   system. 

5. Make a comparison   between this country and the United States on the basis of important aspects   of a health care including major challenges faced by the US healthcare   system.

6. Identify a major   health problem that is facing this country: Discuss in detail whether or not   this problem is global or specific to this country alone. 

7. Discuss the extent   of the health problem and present the social, cultural, economic and any   other relevant factors that you think contributed to the problem in this   country. 


8. Explain types and   levels of threat posed to the United States by the health problem faced by   this country. In other words, in the context of global health, why should the   USA or any other nation be concerned about the health issue you described?

9. Discuss how the   healthcare system of your project country is equipped in solving this   problem. 

10. Suggestions/Recommendations that might help improve health outcomes   in the country you studied. You may propose healthcare system changes that   will aid in improving the quality of care and prevention of this health   problem. 

11. Clarity of sentences and paragraphs, organization and coherence of   ideas, fluency, sequencing Spelling, grammar, and use of English

References and Use of references (APA STYLE) (10 points)

The   information presented appears based on careful research. Use of at least six   scholarly/peer reviewed references.

APA   format followed for in-text   citations and references. 

Credit   must be given for references and sources of information. 

You must cite your sources of information using APA format in the   body of your paper.

Evidence   of Plagiarism (Check your Safe Assign   Score; Fix any issues and then resubmit your paper, if not you may lose at   least  points and may be subject to other penalties associated with   Academic Misconduct. No points will be taken off for the references   highlighted in your Safe Assign Report.

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