Complexity of Identity

Complexity of Identity

F0r this assignment it should be 450 words

This activity/discussion is designed to highlight the interconnectivity of the various forms of identity discussed in the text. Write a brief statement about how you view yourself and what you see as your “identity.” Then, using the typology of identity as a framework, go through your statement to determine how many of the following were directly or indirectly referenced in their statements. Discuss in your post why particular “identities” were included and others were not.


• Why were some aspects of identity included in your statement and others neglected?

• Which statement is the most important to you and which the least in terms of how you think of yourself?

• Are there any “identities” listed in the typology that you believe are not relevant to your sense of identity?

• Are there any “identities” not included in the typology that you believe are relevant to your sense of identity?

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