Complete Psych Discussion Post

Analyzing Hypotheses and Topic Choice

Part 1: Chose a topic to write your final paper. Your topic must be relevant to psychology. This class addresses psychological research. If you are in a group, use your group topic (but you must inform me that you are working with another class member).

Part 2: Formulate a hypothesis (the hypothesis does not have to relate to the topic chosen above). Write your hypothesis as an “if then” statement using the independent variable (IV) and the dependent variable (DV). For example “if IV, then DV. Here is an example, “if people listen to classical music while studying, then they will recall more material”. Also include the operational definition of the DV (s your DV is properly operationally defined in terms of numbers?) What is the operational definition of the IV (what will your experimental and control groups do during the research study?)

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