complete business internship assignment on chapter 10

By now, you should have read Chapters 10-14 in your textbook. Choose the one chapter that you deem most beneficial and do the following: I CHOOSE CHAPTER 10

1. Write an introductory statement—which includes a brief summary and why you think the chapter is the most beneficial.

2. Outline the chapter—using all the titles and all subheadings noted in the text. Your outline should consist of important points about the respective topic

Here is an example:

Chapter 4: The Language of Presence, Posture, Handshakes, and Eye Contact


The introduction should consist of a 1 to 3 paragraph summary of the chapter and include why you deem the chapter to be the most beneficial of the four.

Chapter Outline:

I.The Language of Presence, Posture, Handshakes, and Eye Contact

1.Dr. Albert Mehrabian noted that
a.about 7 percent of emotional meaning is composed of words.
b.voice tone and inflection reflects 38 percent
c.nonverbal communication comprises 55 percent.
2.Nonverbal language is a vital part of the communication process.
3.Body language should be consistent and congruent
4.The most carefully crafted message can be null and void if accompanied by distracting gestures.
5.Professional effectiveness can be easily undermined if you are perceived to be rude or cold.

II.Hidden Information

1.Hidden information can be made clear via eyes, ears, and facial expressions.
2.Nonverbal clues are very important—body language, clothing, paraphernalia can tell a story.

III.Practice Makes Perfect

Assignment Expectations and Grading Criteria

Save your file in a single MICROSOFT Word file. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your intended attachment should be saved with a .doc or .docx suffix. If I am unable to open it, then I will be unable to grade it, and you will receive a zero. Include your name, the Assignment Number, Module, and QUESTIONS (if applicable)–followed by the ANSWERS–in your document.

You should utilize 1″ top, bottom, left, and right margins, 12 pt-font, Times New Roman. Be certain to run Spell Check prior to attaching the document.

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