Comment on other students work

We write paragraph 7-8 and need to comment on other students’ 7-8 paragraph

Write a ten-paragraph analysis in which you provide an alternative ending to a short play and defend your choices.

Paragraphs seven and eight explain so what? Here you’ll want to describe why the difference between your view and the other writer’s (or writers) view matters. If you think differently than the other writer/s — why is it important? These two paragraphs explain why it’s meaningful that the other writer (or both writers) think one way and you think another. Alternatively, you might use these paragraphs not to explain why the difference matters but instead to form a bridge between them. Perhaps there’s a bigger picture, an overall take that is more important than the difference you just illustrated. Maybe there’s a third possible viewpoint, one that can reconcile this seemingly intractable disagreement.

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