comment on alticle and respond to one other comment

Comment on “Multitasking and the Alchemy of Time” and respond to one other comment. You can use the discussion questions on page 46 as a jumping off point, and you may feel free to include other material from the textbook about observation, discomfort, and perception.

—————————-Other Comment———————–

I think this essay appears here at the end of this chapter on observation skills because as the author stated “. While they were complaining about this two-step process, I was secretly thinking what a good learning strategy this might be…But I notice, along with several of my colleagues, that the students whose laptops are open in class do not do as well as the others.” In other words the author intentionally made a situation around observing the outcome of his students, and the observation lead to a conclusion that he predicted. the professor originally began the class with a thought that student’s will not be focused if allowed to use technology in class. That in turn landed the professor to create a rule that in the following years was taken away. Once the professor took that rule away, and observed the students the ones who use their laptops during class had lower grades. That is a form of observing.

I do agree with the author when stated “I want to engage my students in conversation. I don’t think they should use class time for any other purpose.” I have always been a very active participant in class, and I have always felt a dis attachment to the students who were on their phones throughout the class duration.

I always catch myself getting enjoyment from multitasking because its a skill of mines and I feel like I am getting allot done. Although I truly cannot give in to the virtual world, because I love connecting, and bonding in real life.

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