Choose one legislator on the state or federal level who is also a nurse, and discuss the importance of their role as advocate for improving health care delivery. What specific bill(s) have they sponsored or supported that has/have influenced health care?

Congressman Diana Black, representing Tennessee’s 6th Congressional district. She practiced as a nurse for 40 years.

It is important to have a nurse represented in the house, where laws and policies are passed, because an insider who knows the needs of nurses and healthcare system would be passionate to vote and advocate for the healthcare. There are millions of topics been discussed in the house on state and federal levels, but healthcare issues are very important, because health is universal, everyone use the healthcare system. It is very crucial for a nurse to be part of lawmaking process, not only to speak out for the nurses and make a positive impact on nursing profession, but also as a role model to other nurses, aspiring nurses to go for legislative positions where they can be part of change-making process in the society; which could be beneficial to the patients.

Black supported the passing of Increased   Telehealth Access to Medicare Act, this bill increases access to telehealth services for Medicare Advantage users, in this age of technology, health care access is made easier and affordable using technology. Telehealth focuses on the use of innovative technology for the convenience of patients and caregivers to enhance the quality of care while saving money for both Medicare program and the patients (Black, 2017). This service enhances access to healthcare and reduces the number of in-patient visit to healthcare providers, covered by traditional Medicare plans under the current law (Black, 2017)


Black. D (2017) Committee Votes to Increase Telehealth Access for Medicare Enrollees. Health. Retrieved September 25th. From

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