com 423 w1 group dynamics

COM-423 Group Dynamics

Week 1 – Group Procedures

Two Parts to this assignment:

Part I:

Answer the DQ in 50 words or more (be specific):

What is the role of conflict and disagreement within a group? When is conflict and disagreement beneficial, and when is it detrimental?

Instructor Note:

This is a very important question for us to start out with in this course. Before you post your response, take a moment to think about the concepts of conflict and disagreement. Are they the same thing? If yes, how so? And if not, why not? Why does this make a difference?

Part II:

Assignment Detail:

Write a paper of approximately 500 words that outlines procedures for an initial meeting of a group that will be working to achieve a goal you set. The group can be either a real group, such as one that you have worked with, or an imaginary group.

You will be the coordinator for the group. In the paper, you must address the following tasks:

What is the group, and how does this group fit in the organization?

Establish norms for the group.

Assign roles for each group member.

Set a goal for the group to achieve.

Set an agenda for the group’s first meeting.

Determine a method for making decisions.

Identify next steps for working together to achieve this goal.

The procedures you establish should take into consideration the personalities of the group members and the goal the group is working toward.


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