case study the dmaic process assignment

Using the Control Chart and the Pareto Chart process improvement tools for this case study. This case study ask you to use the DMAIC process for your process improvement project.

The basis of this case study will follow Table 13-2 in your textbook, the Six Sigma process, DMAIC:

• Define the project goals and customer (internal and external) deliverables.

• Measure the process to determine current performance.

• Analyze and determine the root causes of the defects.

• Improve the process by eliminating defects.

• Control future process performance.

Provide at least one paragraph for each DMAIC step as noted above. Be creative and apply research, course concepts, tools, and techniques to help improve your process.

12-point Times New Roman font, and one- inch margins. Two pages in length. Include at least two sources of research and follow APA guidelines for in text citations and citing references.

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