Can you summarize this cour case ?

*In the book Sex / Machine by Patrick D Hopkins can you help me summarize the court case CM v. CC ? ( Chapter 7 pg. 108-115)*

Aiming to provoke class discussion on a day’s reading/s, work with your group to construct and to deliver a presentation focusing on issues in the two documentaries–Baby Makers: The Fertility Clinic (2017) and Making Babies (1999)–and readings assigned for discussion on 11-5, 11-7, and 11-12, particularly the arguments concerning the ethical uses of reproductive technologies. Each group should design an activity (panel discussion, debate, class discussion, role playing, talk show, legal case, etc.) that raises and responds to these questions raised by the reading/s: How does the specific technology described in the reading of the day represent social constructions of class/race/gender? What ethical concerns about using technology are suggested by the reading/s?

While the presentation should be more spontaneous than scripted, group members should agree on the format of the presentation and individual roles during in-class group meetings on M 10-29 and W 10-31. You should also meet outside of class and correspond via email. Make sure you agree on the group’s plan for the particular class period scheduled for the presentation. Divide the work equitably, and remember your success depends on cooperating with each other.

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