business discussion 22

A lot has been written about the Millennial generation in the workforce. There are articles, webinars, training courses, debates about how to attract, retain and motivate this generation. I imagine most of the students are Millennials; while others are returning to college later in life.

No matter what age, people in the workforce have differing opinions about this generation.

Some believe that this generation is unique in terms of work ethic, motivators, values, and much more.

Others argue that there is little real difference — that generations have much more in common than not.

What is your POV? Please find some articles and


1) Express your informed opinion: is this generation truly unique in the workplace?

2) If yes — highlight 1-2 differences and suggest 1-2 actions employers should take to attract, motivate, retain Millennial talent.

Be clear, concise, direct. Support your opinion with an article and, if applicable, any direct professional experience you can share. (2-3 paragraphs)

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