block schedule

More and more, schools are choosing to structure their academic days into “blocks”. Block scheduling requires more in-depth planning and creativity than a traditional 45-50 minute period. It is important to know how to create lesson plans for both types of structures.

For this assignment, you are going to create two different types of lesson plans. One set of lesson plans will be for a traditional period (45-50 minutes) and the second set will be for a block schedule (110 minutes). Each plan will include two different meeting days. In total you will create 4 plans.

You will select a theme or topic you would like to teach. Make sure it is appropriate for early childhood – early elementary. You can use a developmentally appropriate lesson plan template or you can create your own, but the plans should include the following:

  • Topic
  • Objectives
  • Content Outline
  • Learning Activities
  • Resources and Materials
  • Evaluation
  • Accommodation
  • Reflection Questioning: (what would you ask yourself at the end of the lesson)

All block schedule plans should include:

  • Time to review previous learning
  • Instructional input
  • Student Performance
  • Guided Practice/Reteaching

*For both plans I want you to include your time allocation for each activity or transition. For example:

Review previous learning – 8:00 – 8:10. *Clearly, your plan will discuss what that previous learning was.

**Your plan should also have a good balance of methodology (teacher-centered vs. student centered). Keep in mind, you created a lesson plan earlier in the term. Use what you learned and apply it to this assignment.

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