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For this week’s assignment, you will prepare an annotated bibliography on a topic related to health care that is currently impacted by a policy change or potential policy change. The policy that is or will impact change should be related to the health care system or nursing specifically. Look for information that shows that the policy, in your opinion, improved or did not improve the health care system or nursing practice.

Choose a Policy Issue

Review the Unit 3 study activities to read a list of potential policy issues that will give you a foundation to help you determine which policy change you are interested in. Choose one issue to focus on. The area that you choose to focus on could include particular interests that would lead you to explore articles that look at legal, ethical, and regulatory process in health care or nursing practice.

What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

Use the four articles that you chose, keeping the following information in mind:

  • A bibliography is a list of sources (books, journals, Web sites, periodicals, et cetera) one has used for researching a topic. A bibliography usually just includes the bibliographic information (that is, the author, title, publisher, et cetera).
  • An annotation is a summary or evaluation.
  • Therefore, an annotated bibliography includes a summary or evaluation of each of the sources in the bibliography. For this assignment, you are expected to include both a summary and an evaluation.
  • Your annotations should address the following three areas for EACH of the four articles you select:
    1. Summarize: What are the main arguments? What is the point of this article or chapter? What topics are covered? If someone asked what this source is about, what would you say?
    2. Evaluate: Is it a useful source? How does it compare with other sources in your bibliography? Is the information reliable? Is this source biased or objective? What is the goal of this source? (Or the goal of the writer?)
    3. Reflect: How does the source assist or fit into your practice? Was this source helpful to you? How might this source help you shape an argument (in favor of or against) the topic presented? Has the source changed how you think about this topic?

Assignment Grading

Be sure to consult the scoring guide for this assignment to see how your work will be graded. Notice that you will be expected to apply APA writing style to write clearly and logically, with correct use of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. You may wish to consult Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 in the APA manual and the information listed in this unit’s Writing Resources study.

Review your annotated bibliography and make sure it is complete, using the checklist below.

Components of the annotated bibliography:
  • Begins with a title page that includes your name.
  • Lists citation information for the articles or chapters, formatted in APA style.
  • Each citation is followed by an annotation, approximately one page in length.
  • The bibliography comprises a variety of credible perspectives.
  • The final page consists of a reference list that includes all of your APA-formatted citations, in alphabetical order.
  • The assignment is 6-8 pages long, including the title page and references.
Each annotation should contain some or most of the following:
  • Provides the reader with more information about the content of the sources.
  • Consists of a paragraph that is both descriptive and evaluative (about 150 words).
  • Offers both a description and a critical assessment of the articles or chapters being annotated.
  • Gives the reader a sense of the quality of the source.
  • Gives a sense of the argumentative position of the author relative to others in the field.
  • Informs the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited.
  • Concisely exposes the author’s point of view and the clarity of the work.
  • Evaluates the appropriateness of expression, and authority.
  • Summarizes the central theme and scope of the article or chapter.
  • Evaluates the authority or background of the author.
  • Comments on the intended audience.
  • Compares or contrasts this work with another you have cited.
  • Explains how this work illuminates your bibliography topic.

If you would like to practice formatting APA citations before you submit this first assignment, click on the links, in Resources, to access interactive media that will help you practice.

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