At least 250 words, please answer the following questions about Western Civilization

In at least 250 words, answer the following question:

Explain three causes of the reinvigoration of medieval Europe between 1000 and 1300. For example, you could consider the causes for the revival or growth of the Catholic Church, European monarchies, society, the economy, cities, and/or education.

Please use the assigned material to formulate your answer.

Read all the questions before you begin reading.

As you read and write down notes, make notations to indicate material that might help you answer the questions.

After you finish all the reading, assemble your notes and answer the questions.

Most questions will ask you to provide two to four points to answer the question.

Instead of rewriting everything the book or the lecture says about a particular questions, focus on four main points based on what you read in the book or the lecture.

Provide an example or two for each point and then move onto the next point.

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