Assignment: Program Planning and Assessment,

Please note that the draft for this paper is due in Week 8.

The main goal for any program is to ensure the participants are able to transfer what they have learned into their own learning or work environment. A program’s structure should establish support for program improvement. The structure outlines the ingredients needed in order for the program to function successfully. These components include the program format, timeframe, and required resources.

Assignment: Program Design Structure (2–3 pages)

  • Create a specific action plan that aligns with your program design and addresses your objectives and outcomes. Your action plan will:
  • Define the purpose of the program in a way to justify the structure.
  • Describe program implementation format (individual, small-group, large group, distance learning, community).
  • Explain program timeframe (specific dates or length of time).
  • Justify resources needed (people, fiscal, space).
  • The contents of your paper should be substantiated by the literature, utilizing reference citations and providing a reference list at the end of the paper. Please refer to the APA manual (6th ed.) for appropriate guidelines to support scholarly discourse.

Refer to the “Program Planning and Assessment Proposal Overview, Introduction, and Guidelines” document located in the Module 1 Learning Resources for specific information.

***I have attached Assignments Weeks 4 and 6 for reference***

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