art history writing 2

I need someone who is knowledgeable about contemporary Art History to compare and contrast three different architecture in a 3-5 page formal essay. The structure should be:
You will need to create a thesis or theme and provide an intro paragraph outlining your framework.
There are many ways to think about comparisons.
You could look at the formal elements of the work of art such as line shape color and level of abstraction. Or you could look at the subject matter such as landscape/cityscape, mythology as subject matter, etc.
Essay writing and citations using the MLA format.
You are expected to list the GARDNER’S ART THROUGH THE AGES textbook as works cited in order to demonstrate your knowledge of proper citation practices. ( I’ll send you the picture from my book to use it as a source)
By the way, one of the works should be one that I chose for my class assignment! ( I’ll send it to you)

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