Argument essay 1200 Words


For the argument essay, you will write an essay in which you cite at least three secondary sources in addition to the primary source. Your thesis must be supported through the use of at least three academic sources. These sources may include journal articles and books (not general encyclopedias) Absolutely no internet sources, including Wikipedia, may be used. All of the sources must be correctly cited in the essay and on the works cited page, using MLA 8 format.

The essay, like all other well-written essays, must have an introduction, a well-developed body, and a conclusion that is well-balanced.

The essay is to address a general audience.

In the introduction, introduce the general topic, mention the author’s name and the title of the primary source give a very brief, one to two sentence summary of the article and the author’s thesis, and, of course, your own thesis.

Each supporting paragraph must be well-developed, using pertinent examples and thorough explanations.

You must have at least one counter-argument that you refute with specific evidence. Use the handbook in the back of your textbook or an MLA 8 handbook for MLA8citations.

Highlight the sections you quoted. summarized. or paraphrased on all photocopies and in the essay itself.

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