answer two questions on this short story 5

(you can pick whatever Two you want to answer from the list below)

I attached the story

Read “The Lottery” Questions to consider:

ï‚· Were you shocked at the conclusion? If you knew the story beforehand, you may have remembered what was coming. Nevertheless, the final scene is a morbid (or is it?) depiction of “human nature” in action (or is it?)

ï‚· Examine the use of names; how do they connect to the story’s themes or ideas? WHAT is the primary theme (for you)?

ï‚· Can you consider what the story might mean in 1948, its date of publication? What had just happened, globally?

ï‚· Jackson received lots of hate mail when she published this story. Speculate why. She also got calls from people who believed the setting was a real place and wanted directions to it (!!) Is it, in some ironic way, a REAL place??

ï‚· Any parallels today? If so, how?

ï‚· The story preceding this, “A Party Down at the Square” by Ralph Ellison (p. 207) is a fitting story to pair with this; consider writing a comparison/ contrast paper for an essay

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