answer the questions 183

Question 1

Provide the Title of the Play

Question 2

State the name of the Author of the Play

Question 3

Provide a brief description of the Setting of the Play, to include the geographical location, and the nature of the set itself (is it an interior or exterior setting, is it a restaurant, a living room, a castle, or whatever).

Question 4

What do you believe to be the Year(s) in which this play takes place?

Question 5

State do you believe to be the Theme of this Play? The Theme of a play is not simply meant to be a retelling of the STORY LINE! The Theme of Themes of a play usually cover some aspect of the human condition.

Any statement you make as to the Theme may be acceptable, as long as you provide strong and logical reasoning behind your choice. Scholar’s have debated the themes apparent in the play Hamlet for years, but there remains no definitive answer.

Question 6

Select what you believe to be the Genre of this Play. You can select multiple genres if you believe these are applicable to this play.




Children’s Theater

Question 7

In the space below, provide the names of the main, primary Characters in this Play.

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