answer the question below 19

  1. Open the link to Darwin’s Game
  2. Start with clicking “Learn about Natural Selection”
  3. Continue on to “Survival Game”
  4. Complete at least 3 Survival Games in which your creatures survive for a million years.
  5. Draw your own creature. Use your imagination to create a unique animal that has a specialized behavioral adaptation. Your drawing should illustrate the behavior.
  6. Write a 500 word essay: 1) Describe one of the games in which your creature survived for a million years (What adaptations were crucial to it’s survival and why?). 1) Describe your imaginary creature’s specialized behavioral adaptation. Include a description of the environmental or social context(s) that would have selected for your creature’s specialized behavioral adaptation. 2) Use Darwin’s 3 postulates in your description of how the adaptation evolved. Attach a copy of the drawing of your imaginary creature to your essay.
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