Answer Questions to CH1,2 of the book ” Graphic Design Solutions: 4th edition by Robin Landa”

You have to have the book and have read the book “ Graphic Design Solutions: 4th edition by Robin Landa.”

Read CH 1&2: answer the following questions:

  • Give a brief definition of Graphic Design.
  • How is Graphic Design different then Art What is branding?
  • What is Information Design?
  • The graphic designer Paula Scher once said “Design Matters.” What role(s) does Graphic Design play in society?
  • Give a short definition of negative space.
  • When talking about color, what does the term “value” refer to?
  • What is Visual Hierarchy?
  • List 3 (there are a lot to choose from) of the basic functions of lines.
  • What is resolution. Explain the difference between resolution for print and for the web. (you can find the answer to this question in your week 1 notes)
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