answer one question in 2 pages

Select any question from the list and Answer ONLY one question in 2 pages

1. Why was the Warren Court considered so controversial during in the late 1950s and 1960s? What was that ‘impeach Earl Warren’ thing about anyway? You may not use Brown v Topeka or Miranda v Arizona in your argument.

2. What is your current ‘Best TV Program’ of all time in one of the following categories: Drama; Comedy; News Information or Documentary; Mini Series; Reality. Why are they your favorites and is there a cultural impact from that program?

3. Write a news paper Opinion-Editorial (Op-Ed) piece commenting (support or attack)on Dr King’s ‘Letters from a Birmingham Jail’

4. Select and Review any Documentary film that deals with subject matter, a figure or a concept from our course dates. You may only use the ‘documentary option’ once during the cycle.

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