Annotated Bibliography

Hi! I’m looking for someone to help me with an assignment. It’s for my BSN leadership class. Needs to be in regards to leadership (including types of leadership styles) in health care. It is due on Sunday 5/28 before midnight. Please let me know if you would be able to do it. If so, for how much? I will also be needing a research paper outline and research final paper at a later date.

See assignment details below:

Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate progress in compiling research and to indicate a methodology for organizing research sources. 

Include the following in your annotated bibliography:

  • APA citations and annotations for six (6) sources you deem relevant to your problem statement (thesis).

For each source:

  • Cite the source in proper APA format. The citations should be organized in alphabetical order by author as in an APA References page. 
  • Follow with a brief annotation that summarizes the source (approximately 3–5 sentences). You may quote from the source, but do not copy and paste from the abstract. 
  • In 1 or 2 sentences, explain and evaluate the source’s relevance and significance to your research.  
  • Use an academic tone and style. 

Example topics:

Make sure that your topic is neither too broad nor too narrow.

Consider some of the following general areas:

  • Leadership in change management in health care
  • Leadership in technology in health care
  • Leadership in finance of health care
  • Leadership in conflict management in health care
  • Leadership in evidence-based protocols
  • Leadership in gender equality in the workplace
  • Leadership in health sector reform
  • Leadership in embedded safeguards to reduce injury and infection


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