Annotated Bibliography

In this assignment, you must list three sources that you have encountered in your research process.

You will list them as they would appear on a Works Cited page in MLA format. What makes this different than a Works Cited is that beneath each entry in your list, you must include a paragraph that does each of the following: 1) summarizes the source; 2) evaluates the source; and 3) describes how you might use this source in your paper. Each of these points should be achieved in two or three sentences, resulting in a paragraph of somewhere between six to twelve sentences. For instance, consider the following annotated bibliography entry:

Smith, Joe. “How evaluation-hungry administrators are ruining education.” The Chronicle of Education in America. 85 (2004): 319-334. Webline. Web. 23 Dec. 2012

Smith argues that school administrators, having created a social class for themselves based on no real merit, need to maintain some semblance of personal integrity. To do this, they foist tests and measurements on an overburdened population of teachers and trick them into “proving” themselves by rules they did not choose. Smith’s argument, though enjoyable to read by someone who already agrees with him, lacks logical merit. His ad hominem attacks on administrators overlook key evidence that could actually make his case more logical. In addition, he sometimes misconstrues the arguments of his opponents because of his emotional bias. In spite of its weaknesses, this article helps me establish the breadth and scope of the wider argument in academia concerning evaluation and measurement. In addition, by pointing out some of Smith’s weaknesses, I can establish the strength of my argument by opposition.

The above is a sample. Your annotated bibliography would have three of these entries. You may upload your annotated bibliography or cut and paste.

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