2 1 discussion the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns

The chosen brand for 2-1 Discussion is Amazon. You are to assess the digital elements of the brand’s current marketing campaign to determine how effective these elements are in achieving the brand’s goals. Note: You may not know the stated goals for the brand’s actions; however, you can draw on previous coursework surrounding goals, objectives, and tactics to provide some narrative on aligning the brand goals with current digital initiatives.

Next, in your initial post to the discussion, address the following:

  • What are the goals of this brand, and how do their digital efforts support the brand’s marketing efforts?
  • Which digital marketing tactic is most effective? Why?
  • What weaknesses can you identify in the brand’s digital efforts? Why are they weaknesses?
  • How would you improve the campaign to be more effective, or to align more closely with the brand’s ultimate target audience? Support your opinions with evidence from the brand’s digital footprint, and with the course resources. Please use each bullet point as a header in your response and please use websites for your references.

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