1 business and the business environment

Have been employed as business analyst by large multinational organization (refer to assignment 1 organization) to analyses the current environmental factors that influence or impact your organization.


You have been asked to make presentation to the CEO and the Director that covers the following:

1: conduct and present a PESTEL analysis of your organization.

Identify the positive and negative impact that the macro / external environment has on your business operations.

Provide specific examples to support your answer in context of your business.

(Available grades LO 3 – P4)

2: conduct and present a SWOT analysis on your organization.

Identify 1 key strength and 1 key weakness.

Explain and justify how SWOT influence decision making in your organization .

(Available grades LO 3 – P5)

3: Explain how the SWOT (internal) impacts the PESTEL (external) factors discussed in question 1 and 2.

(Available grades LO 3 – P6)

Please not that to obtain a P you most complete Question 1,2 and 3 . ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN 2000 WORDS

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